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My Story


Hailing from London, England KATIE MILLMAN is the latest superstar addition to the MOkSHA Entertainment and Music Management team. Within the team, her main areas of focus will be in A&R, Music and Film Management, Publishing, Synch and Touring. However, she is also in the process of making the transition over pond to Los Angeles. KATIE will oversee and run the companies UK and EU office.


MILLMAN has a background spanning over 10 years in Synch Licensing, A&R, Music Management, Publishing and Creative Marketing; she is ready to take the entire recording world and entertainment industry by storm.


As a teenager, KATIE was a local on the London gig scene and began working as a Manager and Booking Agent for various upcoming bands in the indie and rock space.


An early career highlight, at only 17 years old, MILLMAN Managed, Produced, Booked and Promoted an 8-date, 8-city UK tour for one of her artists, that she created and put together entirely by herself.


During the same time, and outside of managing and booking her artists (as well as her doing schoolwork,) KATIE interned for Island Records in the A&R department and for Global Radio on the Marketing team.


Once MILLMAN finished high school, she transitioned into Creative and Digital Marketing, with a focus on Graphic Design, Social Media, SEO, and Website development. Whilst continuing her education and obtaining her BA in Business, Management, Music, Sound and Technology.


In 2018, KATIE became an A&R consultant for Max Music Publishing, a boutique independent full-service publishing agency in the UK. At Max Music, Katie was a key player in signing some of the first talent to the company and expanding the roster as well as landing prominent sync placements with Pepsi Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Adidas, BBC Studios, EA Sports and more!


Now fully focused on developing talent, KATIE MILLMAN is on the hunt to find and develop the greatest talents her generation has to offer. Currently, Katie is fine-tuning her skill in both in film and music production, whilst expanding her guitar and sneaker collections!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.