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Carmen Qutub


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My Story

CARMEN QUTUB has spent the past three years expanding her knowledge and helping brands on their social media platforms through storytelling and content creation. As a natural writer, she knows how to convey a brand’s mission and story through pictures, words, and interactions. While her focus is on content creation and storytelling, she also provides results through metrics analytics she learned through her marketing experience. 


Carmen was born in Jerusalem and moved back and forth throughout her childhood while also residing in Columbus, Ohio. She credits her exposure to different cultures that she got to visit for her open mind that translates in her writing and storytelling. After moving back to Columbus when she was 17 years old, she attended The University of Cincinnati to expand her knowledge in art & design- she found a love for sketching and storytelling through design. She later on went to Ohio State University to receive her degree in Marketing with a minor in Social Psychology. Her passion for wanting to enrich her understanding of self and others in the world with the combination of business created her toolbox for content creation in a digital space. 


Her first internship was with a local media company in Columbus called (614) Magazine where she got to work on a college magazine that focused on the culture and events of Ohio State and her peers. She learned through her work there that she loved the creative field and connecting with others through stories. Other industries that she has experience in are the hospitality industry, beauty industry and fashion design industry. She is ready to take on the entertainment industry that has fascinated her since she was a child. Carmen is confident that with her creativity, adaptability, business intelligence, and persistence that she is able to influence and ripple a wave the music business industry. 


In her free time, Carmen is a yoga instructor who has a passion for Slow Burn Vinyasas and backbends. She is an animal lover and is always looking for a good vegan spot in the Midwest. You can find her checking out a local concert on the weekends and discovering the newest talent in Columbus! 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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