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Samantha Gural


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My Story

SAMANTHA GURAL  is a bright up and coming star in the Entertainment Industry.  She is a student at Rutgers University studying Human Resources Management and Cinema Studies.


Samantha was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey, but she knew from a young age that she wanted something bigger in life. She has always had a niche for the entertainment industry. One of her many talents is predicting the end of any movie. She also loves experimental films and would like to one day become a director and producer.


When Samantha was young, she was very shy and had trouble pursing these interests. Even when performing in numerous plays as a child, she was always too scared to reach her full potential. Since then, Samantha has emerged from her shell and is ready to dive into her interests as a performer.  At a young age she always wanted to be on television, even once telling her kindergarten teacher she was going to be on American Idol.

Besides film, Samantha also has an interest in music, fashion, social media, and traveling. She has big aspirations and hopes to one day be a huge part of the entertainment industry.


Samantha has worked in retail and has developed a love for fashion and customer service. She loves connecting and socializing with new people. After school, she plans on exploring her interests in acting and singing.


Samantha also has a knack for social media and advertising. She loves keeping up to date on her personal social media accounts and is excited to help our team thrive through social media. she loves exploring new trends and creating new and exciting ways to utilize different platforms.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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