Stony SugarSkull


Stony Sugarskull is the sonic project of Berlin-based pioneering singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Dr. Monika Demmler PhD. With her innovative style, her unique voice that calls to mind the music of Mazzy Star or Nico, coupled with her boundless creativity, she transcends borders by blending punk, shoe gaze, electronica and psych in a very unique and captivating way - her second album “Princess” is to be released in 2022.

The most distinctive thing about Monika Demmler is her unique vocal style and transcendent delivery: a collage of dreamy, playful, innocent, ironic, clever, earnest, at times even spiritual psychedelia. Her artsy sound blends shades of the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Marianne Faithful and Mazzy Star into its own new best.


The music also functions in part, to expand on aspects of her doctoral research in metaphysics and music philosophy: she has been credited as the first who combines  the power of sound frequencies with rock ’n’ roll music (Louder than War).


Currently, Stony Sugarskull is finishing her second album “Princess” (funded by Initiative Musik) with Kristian Bell (The Wytches, UK). In 2020, her debut album “Lioness” (funded by Initiative Musik and Musicboard Berlin) was released on her label Sugarskull Records, mirroring the socio-political downfall in the 21st century. She has also received scholarships by Gema, GVL and Musikfonds Germany. 


Earlier releases include the single “Butterflies” (2018), the EP “Trust” (2016), the single “Bentley” Remix (2021), the single “Gaia” Live (2021) and the studio EP “Gaia” (2017).


Monika Demmler has collaborated with bassist Ben Ellis (Iggy Pop), recording mastermind Thomas Stern (Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave), the legendary photographer Martyn Goodacre (Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne), producer and filmmaker Mark Reeder (New Order, B-Movie), Franz Bargmann (Michael Rother/Neu!), the highly renowned filmmaker Judith Jerome (3 REMI), among others.


“The excellent fronted-female Stony Sugarskull” (Mojo Mag) has been touring the UK, the US (California) and all over Europe - at most prestigious venues with hundreds of gigs to date, appeared in live streams such as the Mondo NYC Festival (2020) or invited to Tim Burgess’s listening party on Twitter. Her music has been picked up by major radio stations like Soho Radio London (Naked Lunch, Soho Garage), Radio Citta Aperta Rome (Thursday the New Friday), or Alex Radio Berlin (Mädchenradio). Songs of her debut album, e.g. “House on Fire” have gained up to 30k plays on Spotify or been included in playlists such as “Harvey Specter Suits” or “360: The Best Indie Music.” 

As a world-class musician, Dr. Demmler has been pushing the boundaries of the modern music industry for years now and I hold her in the highest regard. In an industry filled with those who are content to merely imitate their peers, she is a fearless innovator that I consider to be hugely inspiring. (Leron Thomas, trumpeter, vocalist, composer, producer of Iggy Pop).

The sheer amount of variety and rich personality that exists within this record is simply staggering. You walk away from it just thinking nothing but ‘damn… what a hyper-talented, versatile artist’! Record Crates United

It’s not often that I hear an album these days where it feels like each song could stand on its own merits […] you can tell an importance was placed on the album itself so that this is seen […] as a true overall experience from start to finish. Raised by Cassettes.

[…] as in all the best releases, there is also an indefinable quality that separates Stony Sugarskull […] embracing and balancing the excess of art rock. The more you listen to “Lioness,” the more you find yourself drawn in, given her current research, then this just might be the album that the world needs right now. This is the soundtrack to the interesting times we live in, an old curse certainly has a ring to it right now, and this is an album to lose and immerse yourself in, which is exactly what we need right now. (4 out of 4 Stars) The Punk Site.

Stony Sugarskull makes you feel like you’ve discovered My Bloody Valentine for the first time. Their sound is out there, completely and beautifully unusual – and just a sheer revelation. It makes you feel like that this is what’s been missing from you for years.


Beat in my Bones

Lioness, and boy is the name apt, with it coming growling and snarling out of its cage with a take-no-prisoners attitude and ready to let rip. This is a full album of garage future-classics, with Demmler’s personality, wit and sheer chutzpah front and centre. […] Stony Sugarskull has established her spot in the rock firmament.


Indie Republik 

‘Show me your sex and I tell you my genre!’ says Berlin and sometimes sunny L.A. based  Stony Sugarskull. From dreamy shoe gaze post punk to hitting edgier grungey notes…we are hooked. Louder than War.


[…] ‘House on Fire,’ a track oozing with the kind of swagger you would find if Marianne Faithful were to push Iggy off stage and front the Stooges herself.



I love putting my visions into reality. I think that’s the essence of being a human being. We’re always moving, turning and evolving as we’re nature ourselves. Monika Demmler, Interview Shout Out LA.