Avalon Omega

Musician, Actor

AVALON OMEGA, tiny, yet tremendous, the youthful elecrtro-grove thrill brat is a dramatically self-possessed artist. This defiantly untamed soul works an exhilarating brand of shiny rap-crackle-pop, one that's infused with the gaudy colour and atmosphere of a wildly charged creative vision unique to her. 

The AVALON OMEGA sound skips and skitters across the cerebellum, flinging generous handfuls of break-beat glitter and techno fairy dust that burst into shimmering clouds of aural extravagance. The effect is nigh on mesmerising. This Atwater avatar of cool kinetic presentation, taken with her star-spangled high guttersnipe wardrobe and such original delicacies as "Outer Space Girl,"  Works For Me,” and "Two Twenty Two," collide with emphatic, refreshing results. She is fine, reckless fun. 

Writing these songs is her way of releasing her inner demon. So you may call it a Demon Angel because the results are pure heaven! “I’ve come to the realization that you are not in control of music, You’ve got to learn to surrender to that higher power and let it give to the world its message whatever it may be.” AVALON OMEGA’s biggest influences are Kraftwerk, Nine Inch Nails, disco and dancing.