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Moksha Entertainment and Music Management  is a

independent production and recording company

that strives to embolden and embody the human

spirit through entertainment, music and film.

Teamwork makes the Dream work.

Artist & Actor Personalised, Development, Touring, Publishing Recording, Submission, 

Distribution and also Personal Management and Guidance and Mentorship.

Since its founding in 2006, MOkSHA Films has grown into one of the world’s premier entertainment companies.


In 2019, MOkSHA Entertainment opened it's new arm of the company and formed Moksha Music Managment. 

We are Artists, that manage Artists.

We work in every aspect of modern entertainment—with recording artists, actors, directors and producers, songwriters, and more. Our client list includes a tight fist bouquet of the world’s most talented musical and theatrical artists and actors in the WORLD. 

We are a full-service, multi-platinum, award-winning organisation, supporting our diverse and boutique roster of talent via artist management, actor submission, consultation and audition advise, music publishing, touring, production, recording company, and strategic brand development and beyond.

Your Music. Your Image, Your Money. Equity Distribution is a best-in-class music distribution platform that helps artists, labels, and rights holders distribute their music world-wide. By allowing artists to retain ownership of their masters and distribute music globally, EQ, equity distribution, is cutting out the middlemen and helping artists to retain ownership of their content. 

We will get you seen, whether it's in front of Casting Directors, A&R representatives, Publishing and  Record Companies Executives. 

Publicity and Public Relations


PUBLICITY and PUBLIC RELATIONS differs from advertising in the amount of control you have and money you spend on media coverage.


With advertising, you control the message because you pay for it.


With public relations, you have less control over your message because you are asking media outlets, writers, social media channels and bloggers to mention your artists and clients. We aim to control over what the media decides to discuss about our artists and actors


Our public relations activities include developing and exploiting our large contact list of media professionals and sending them news about our artists and actors.


This involves creating and developing press releases to media outlets. Our press and media list is over 7,650 receptionists.


We create activities and events our artists and actors are involved with, searching the internet for news about our artists and clients and responding when appropriate and developing plans to get our artists and clients media attention.

MOkSHA Entertainment is the ONLY management firm that has it's own interim Publicity firm Within. While we advise our artists and actors to use outside Publicity firms, we also have their back.



We assist our Artists and Actors with Spotify services which offers its services globally with a presence in 184 countries and territories, and boasts 406 million monthly active users (MAUs) and 180 million Premium Subscribers as of December 31, 2021.

Understand; That Spotify uploads 160,000 songs per-day. That is your competition.


I am NOT saying 160,000 songs are good,  but you need to stand apart of crowd. We need to be the girl at the prom that when she arives is jaw-dropping and all heads turn to her. Who is that girl?

“Not all Spotify playlists are created equally... On other playlists, you’ll occasionally notice different logos: the thick cursive word Filtr, the all-caps logo for Topsify, or simple rounded text reading Digster. These are the playlisting brands owned by the major labels: Filtr by Sony, Topsify by Warner, and Digster by Universal. Very rarely you might see an independent label or brand logo. That majors own their own playlisting companies servicing Spotify, and that these major-owned playlists have prominent placement within the platform, should come as no major surprise:


Spotify is largely a collaboration with all three major labels. But for me personally, as I itched to learn more about industry insider backdoors to Spotify playlists, learning about Filtr, Digster, and Topsify was illuminating; the beginning of my journey attempting to unpack this mystified world. As it turns out, these privately-owned brands barely scratch the surface of what’s at play.”

“Outside of the Spotify staff-curated playlists, those curated by Filtr, Digster and Topsify have more visibility on the browse pages than any other playlisting brands, individuals or labels. With these playlists, employees of Filtr, Digster and Topsify can simply log in and add tracks... the majors effectively use these playlists to pump their artists into Spotify-owned algorithmic playlists.”

That is your competition.

  • Spotify provides audio-streaming services.

  • The biggest share of Spotify's revenues comes from its Premium Service, which provides online and offline ad-free music and podcast streaming to paying subscribers.

  • Spotify aims to continue generating revenue through the retention of current users, attraction of new ones, and conversion of users of the Ad-Supported Services to the Premium Services.

YouTube, Music Videos and Reels


We live in a digital and visual space.

Aside from YouTube, there are other music video platforms that must be considered.


Believe it or not the world does not rely on YouTube. (even though there is probably a TubeTube video for anything).

The TOP Music Video and Actor Platforms in the world are:



2. Vevo 

3. Vimeo

4. MuzeTV

This is kinda important stuff. Because outside of the US and UK there is a whole other market. South America, Europe and Asia. They may or may not depend on YouTube to provide a video option. 

Despite a recent surge in popularity of vinyl and record players, music streaming continues to be king or queen (however you see it).

A wide variety of subscription-based music streaming services now grant access to millions of songs that you can access on any device you own.


From Apple Music to Spotify and even Pandora, digital streaming platforms have democratised not only how people listen to music but also how artists engage with fans.

Over the course of a month, we at MOkSHA have tested seven music streaming services to help you find the one that works best for you, depending on our marketing plan and outline. Based on our testing, we found Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music to stand out the most.

Video streaming has taken the digital world by storm. This format gained relevance last year and it currently is one of the world’s biggest trends in music.


The numbers speak for themselves: Nearly 70% of the time people from all over the world spent on short-form video apps in 2021 was dedicated to consuming music content.

In fact, video streaming became the most popular format to promote music last year.

And it’s estimated that online videos will make up over 82% of all user internet traffic in 2022.

It’s undeniable that visual content and short videos featuring music are opening a new paradigm within the global music industry.

Music and film companies from all over the globe are using video platforms like TikTokTwitchYouTube, or Vevo to promote their music catalog and increase royalty revenues.

Artists and actors are also taking advantage of these channels to grow their audience and boost engagement, and profitability.

Social Media Management

97% of all Facebook users DO NOT reside in America.

So, as much as we want to, we can't negate Meta.


As much as we all would like to delete Facebook altogether, the international fact is the 97% of all Facebook/Intragram/Meta users are located outside the United States and Great Britain.

Therefore, we must deal with the crap and make it work for out advantage 100%.

Managing social media has become an integral part of every successful campaign and requires the person at the helm of an artist’s digital marketing campaign to be well versed not just in social media, but also in all aspects of an artist’s campaign.

At MOkSHA Entertainment, we work directly with our artists and clients to create a custom social media / digital marketing solution for musicians that can include but is not limited to:


  • Creating, curating and disseminating a regular stream of multi-media promotional and personal content online (including blog posts, social media updates, videos, photos, etc.)  We work to ensure content is curated with specific applications and placements in mind in order to maximise artists’ visibility and awareness.

  • Growing our artists' and actors’ email lists, boosting website traffic and the number and quality of social media followers.

  • Providing more opportunity for fan interactivity with our actors’ fans and followers.

  • Suggesting and implementing online advertising and overseeing the production and creative for this advertising.

  • Pitching partnership opportunities with various social media platforms and online outlets at the corporate level.

  • Overhauling artists and actors’ websites (and social platforms) to more efficiently get casual visitors into their marketing funnel and to more efficiently convert existing fans visiting their sites into paying customers.


Join our team. Be the first to know!

Welcome. Thanks for joining our Team!!

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