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Apollo Antt



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Apollo Ant

Anthony Sylakowski was born to immigrant parents from Athens Greece. Who came to the United States to give their Children a better life.


Anthony’s mother recalls that he would scream, sing and play music as a toddler from whatever he could find around the house. While she was cooking he would bang on the pots and pans in his diapers like his very own drum set.  Music was in his soul and in his blood. His mother bought him a toy piano to bang instead, because the pots became too annoying. One day he did he looked up at her and said, “I’m going to be a big star one day Mama!” And I will always be your biggest fan”, she murmured back.

Anthony’s Mother gifted him a second-hand guitar at age 10, finally, a big kid instrument, not just a baby-boy-toy. He taught himself, hours after school. He choose his guitar over homework. He majored in music and minored in homework.


Over the next few years, Anthony busked from town to town, playing guitar and singing for strangers for quarters, working odd jobs, saving up for a real professional microphone. Once his arsenal was complete, Anthony decided to head to the nearest big city. The city of lights. Nashville, Music City USA. A new city, a new life, a new start.


Apollo Antt was born. The lights, the sounds, the soul of Nashville called him and he was pulled like a magnet. Times were tough and he struggled. There were arrests, violations and even some jail time. Apollo Antt kept writing and singing from his heart and sharing with the world his love for music, love and addition, with an open heart. Apollo Antt is currently in the recording studio with a Nashville producer.

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