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My Story


Cherri R. Fuller began her love for music at the age of eight singing in church with her cousin and singing in her back yard to the music literally “Coming down the mountain” as she lived at the base of the mountain that legendary Music Producer Rick Hall of Fame Recording Studios owned. She would spend her childhood listening to the music from his many home concerts he hosted wafting through the air. Music has been in her soul ever since. She continued her love of music by graduating with a BA in Entertainment Business at the University of North Alabama and an MBA with a concentration in Social Media Marketing.

Cherri Fuller lived a sheltered life with her grandparents on a farm in Russellville, Alabama. Along with showing her a love for animals, he also endowed in her heart a love for film and television and they would spend hours watching westerns and television together. He also taught her how to read at the age of four, by reading the comics from the newspaper every evening and he did not notice that she had been secretly learning, as she was a quiet child, until one evening right before she was to enroll in preschool, when she asked her grandfather if she could read the comics to him,  he smiled, thinking that she was going to make up a story to tell and then, astonished, as she not only read the entire comics page, but then continued on the to the entertainment section and read to him the latest news. This was one of many times he would be impressed with her and would continue to help her. One evening, at the age of 8, as he had bought her a pony and a new saddle and bridle, that happened to have blinders on them, she went riding. One of her grandfather’s stallions ran up behind the pony and startled it and the pony rared up and Cherri promptly landed on the ground. Taking the breath out of her and with tears starting to well up in her eyes, her grandfather said don’t you dare shed a tear, you get up, dust yourself off, and get back on that pony. She did, and never forgot those words and still lives by them today.


Her grandmother instilled in her the hunger for knowledge by gifting her a set of encyclopedias by age 10. She read them page by page cover to cover, A to Z. Learning everything about the world she has yet to experience. She grew to love reading and learning new things and still today enjoys learning new things and has a working knowledge of German, Italian and French.

Through the love of learning new things, Cherri Fuller is a self-taught artist, commissioning drawings and oil portraits. She was commissioned to do an oil portrait for a friend of her mother's whose granddaughter was murdered. When the painting was finished, the grandmother passed away. The local mayor learned about the painting and as the search for Andrea Gonzales was still ongoing, he asked if they could put it up in the court house. It remained until the murderer was found and their attorney asked to have it removed during the trial. She is also a self-taught webmaster with extensive knowledge in Html, Perl, JavaScript and Flash Programming, and a self-taught photographer and film editor.

She obtained her degree in college late in life as in order to graduate from the university she needed to intern and there was nothing available locally and financially was unable to travel. Her big break in life and in Entertainment simultaneously happened when a friend of hers knew of a movie producer who had asked her if she wanted to be a part of a film. The producer came to visit and while, she was shy and thought she was helping a friend, she decided to go for it and asked the Movie Producer if he could help her intern so that she could graduate college and he accepted her as intern for the film. She became casting director, casting many significant roles in the independent film La Madame, shot mainly in Mississippi. She also volunteered as location scout, propmaker and eventually publicist, thus learning another important lesson in the Entertainment industry, (if there is something to be done, don’t say you can't do it, learn how to do it right).

Cherri Valentine is an active member of the Alabama Renaissance Faire and served as Queen and now Duchess. She is the Social Media Manager of the faire and took it from a humble beginning of 100 likes to 2.5 Million. She also runs the Alabama Renaissance Faire Youtube. She also, since moving to Los Angeles in July, has been asked to be on the Board of Directors of the Idyllwild Renaissance Faire in Idyllwild, CA.

During Covid, when the world stopped, she also obtained an ESL (English as a Second Language) TESOL and TEFL Teaching Certificate and spent that year teaching English as a Second language to Children in China. She still continues to teach in her spare time. After covid and mandates changed in China, Cherri decided to try to get back into entertainment. She started posting pictures on Facebook and through this was contacted by a Disney scriptwriter and was offered a voiceover role, to be filmed later in 2020. She was also offered a role in a Stephen King short to also be filmed later in 2020. She was then contacted by a local entertainment podcaster in Las Vegas to do an interview for their show on BlastPop Media. After the interview, the podcaster asked if she was interested in doing her own podcast and The People of Entertainment was born. The podcaster asked if she was willing to change her name as Cherri R. Fuller sounded better for management but not “catchy” enough for a podcaster and Cherri Valentine was born.

After this time, she met Music Manager of Moksha Entertainment, Bobby Leigh as they had mutual connections. Mr. Leigh learned of her extensive knowledge in social media and the arts and asked her to be a member of the team.






I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

  • Life is short. Don't spend your life living someone elses dreams. Have the courage to follow your own

  • Only shooting stars break the mold.


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