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Musician, Model

Dagnell’ graduated with a degree in singing from the astound Faculty of Music, Theatre and Choreography from HERZEN UNIVERSITY in St. Petersburg. She has performed in various major arenas across Russia, including the Moscow Barvicha Luxury Village concert hall and St. Petersburg Philharmonic Giant Hall. 


DAGNELL’ was also the lead vocalist of a South Korean K-POP all-girl group, and participated in recording the soundtrack for 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. 

DAGNELL’ was the singer and a voice-over artist for the popular video Sega game “VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 4”. She has also recorded the soundtrack for another game called “13 SENTINELS AEGIS RIM” as well. This rising international pop artist is also a songwriter and actress and has written 2 tracks in 2020 that have been released by the esteemed Bentley Records.


Over the years, DAGNELL’ has collaborated with a number of famous music composers, including the likes of Denis Murzin, Deema Loren, Constant Z, Hitoshi Sakimoto.


Some of DAGNELL’s soundtrack accomplishments are in 2018, VALKYRIA CHRONICLES, a role-based tactical game, was released by Sega Games. The sales volume amounted to over 5 million world-wide.


DAGNELL’ recorded the original sound track for VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 4, WINTER WITCH. It is the main theme of Crymaria character that was composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

In 2019, DAGNELL’ recorded the “SELF-SACRIFICE” soundtrack for the video game 13 SENTINELS AEGIS RIM, developed by Vanillaware and Sega Games.


In 2020, DAGNELL’ wrote two new tracks called “Ave Maria” and “Only Night is to Blame” and released them with the American label called Bentley Records. The label is famous for its affiliation with Tina Carol, Snoop Dogg, and Soulja Boy. DAGNELL’ was also trained by Buddhist monks, where she studied ancient sacred sciences, including sacred singing, chanting and learned mentorship.

Her latest unreleased musical composition  "SIREN SONG,” tells the story of a lovelorn girl who had faced betrayal time again and again. Every time she loved, she ended up being heartbroken. Worse, they left her in tears despite all their big promises. And it’s this very pain of betrayal which becomes too overwhelming to bear at times, turning women like her into sirens or witches looking for revenge.

DAGNELL’ is currently in consideration for inclusion in James Cameron’s Avatar 2, scheduled for international theatrical release on 16 December 2022.

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