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DJ Darena


DJ DARENA grew up in Kyrgyzstan, (part of the former Soviet Union) where she started her music school at age six. Where she learned how to read, play, sing and compose music. She was later transferred to finish in Moscow. In Russia, she also finished her medical degree and became a dentist.  


After arriving in America she ended up in Texas, where she also studied modern music recording, live and studio sound engineering. However, her dream was to play and create modern beats and to become a Live Performance Disc Jockey.  


DJ DARENA performed on World Asian TV Media Live. She spun music and was the DJ for the historic European and Chinese Royalty private event “High-End Life,” which was translated and broadcasted in select European and Asian countries. 


DJ DARENA ranked #1 on Google search in different music categories in 2012 and 2013. DJ DARENA was given a medal from the World Peace and Diplomacy Organization for DJ’ing at music and movie festivals. 


DJ DARENA was invited to DJ for one of the television episodes of "Sangre Negre" for Amazon Prime. 

In 2018, DJ DARENA was invited to host "Toskars," a Hollywood, British-style awards show. Where she interviewed DJ Paul Oakenfold, a DJ/producer, Janice Dickinson, America’s 1st Top Model, and Erin Gavin, a Scottish actress/producer.


In September 2021, she worked on the televised awards show “Perfect Lady, Perfect Gentleman” for the fourth year in a row. She worked in the capacity as the Co-Producer, DJ, Choreographer, and Stage Designer.  

DJ DARENA favourite music genres are Deep House, EDM, and reggaeton, as well, she adapts to any event’s situation and client or promoters’ requests. DJ DARENA exclusively uses PC computers and Pioneer DJ Equipment. 

To DJ DARENA, her main mission in life is to make people dance, be happy, and love one another on a physical and emotional level through music.

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