LivingMoreis a worldwide American author known by her pen name Di Storm. She wrote several erotic romance books including Yes Sir!, Unlaced, and Lexi’s Closet. She has three screenplays that are registered with the Writers Guild of America (WGA);  Protectors of
Creation, The Glass Ring, and Shattered Dreams based on the true story of Leslie Vass.

Dianna Rose Storm was born on June 2, 1969, in Aberdeen, Washington, her father, Ronald J. Storm, June 5th, 1941, and her mother, Margeret R. Morrell (Zimmerman), April 7th , 1950, who divorced when she was three years of age. After her parent’s divorced Di Storm went on to live with her aunt for several years before returning to her mother’s care. 

She lived with her mother and her two siblings on Tourte river, near Mount St. Helens when it erupted in 1980 and moved to Missouri later that year where she graduated from high school in 1988.

After moving back to St. Louis, Missouri, Dianna Rose met  and married Gary Morris in 2010 and remains happily married to this day. She told Gary she was going to fulfill her lifetime dream of writing a book and being published. She wrote down everything he would say to her in a notebook and Yes Sir! was born and published in 2016.

The publisher of her first book wasn’t honest and she had to fight to get back the rights of the book Yes Sir! Lexi’s Closet was written in 2016 and she went off on her first book tour in New York City.

She has done several interviews, and while living in Missouri was a regular guest with the Viper radio show.

In 2017 Di Storm rewrote the original book, Yes Sir and Unlaced, this time publishing them on her own. Also, in 2017 she was introduced to actor Albert Alexander, who helped her with connections in Hollywood. One connection was Judy Lake who assisted in branding the Di Storm name.

She met Leon Cale in 2018 who needed help on his project Protector of Creation, which is now registered with the WGA. The Glass Ring in 2019 was her second project and is also with the WGA.

She met Daphne Matthews a Hollywood actress and agent who needed a script written based on a true story of Leslie Vass, a teenager that was incorrectly convicted of a crime that ruined his basketball career and his life. It shows the breakdown of the Justice system of minorities of the

She lives in Florida and continues to finish work on her dream script, Shattered Dreams, the Leslie Vass Story.