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Kid Baron

   Rock-N-Roll Band

     Hollywood, USA

Kid Baron is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, formed by Jack Griffo on vocals and Tristen Bankston on guitar. And rounding out this amazing group is drummer Preston Huber and bassist Anson Joseph.

Griffo, usually writes about the trying times of his life while still holding onto hope of his love for life and people, having faith that life will indeed 

"Work It Somehow".


Kid Baron summons nostalgia that brings you back to high school while still being a contemporary rock band at the same time.

Kid Baron is most influenced by bands such as "Dashboard Confessional", "Relient K", and "Incubus". 

Kid Barons second single is due out soon. 

Coming to a city near you.

DIEANA 001.png



New Orleans, USA

DieAna is an edgy, auspicious, cinematic, musically energetic artist. Meyer’s relatable lyrics and unique voice gives her a diverse and aesthetically pleasing sound which has been compared to the likes of Blondie, The Pretenders, Eurythmics, and Smashing Pumpkins.

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Stony Sugarskull


Berlin, Germany

Stony Sugarskull on the evidence of this record, a force to be reckoned with. […] Her Mazzy-starish vocals switching between English and German as smoothly as her music transcends genres. Shot through with a distinctly Berlin ennui […] Lioness is a trip from start to finish. Classic Rock Mag.

Cherie Laurent

Actor, Musician &

Media Personality

Melbourne, Australia

Cherie Laurent  Melbourne based singer/songwriter CHERIE LAURENT is an eclectic artist that creates a unique brand of music that is inspired by a broad variety of genres.

CHERIE LAURENT has lived all over the globe in places such as Iran, Jordan, UAE, New Zealand, Europe, Japan and South East Asia, before eventually settling in Australia.


From a young age, CHERIE LAURENT immersed herself in the world of art and creation. She has a background in fashion design, acting, directing and music.

Laurent recently released her powerful single “Down on Me”, which is an anthem for equality. The single was aired on well over 80 radio stations worldwide and received positive reviews from Scenestr, HEAVY Mag, AMNplify, Scenezine, IAMUR and many more.

“A spirited anthem promoting a unified world no matter your gender, race or creed, CHERIE LAURENT’s new single “Down On Me” is a rocking song with a positive message”. Scenester

CHERIE LAURENT has just released her new raunchy single and music video “LOVER” in Australia. Europe, Great Britain, the United States and South America, drops July 15, 2022


Glenda Benevides

Musician, Actor


San Francisco, CA. USA

Glenda Benevides, is an Award-winning, RECORDING ACADEMY {#IAmTheAcademy}, Voting Member, and GRAMMY® considered artist and author, is tireless when it comes to inspiring others to embrace their strength, listen to their heart, chart their course, feel inspired and dive into a musical, emotional and thrilling ride. Like a wild tent revival preacher, Glenda’s sermon is empowerment, enlightenment and builds bridges of understanding all wrapped together in powerful vocal expression that sways you from the tip of your head to the toes of your feet!


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Musician, Actor, Model

Bangkok, Thailand

Dagnell’ is one of the most talented and promising names in the international pop  & soundtrack sync scenes.

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MARINA 002.jpg

Marina Poison


Istanbul,  Turkey

Marina Poison is a voice, a woman with an attitude and a badass superstar with something to say.


Wendy Zier 

On-Camera Actor,

Voice Over Artist

Raleigh, NC, USA

Wendy Zier is a professional On-Camera Actor and Voice Over artist with 20 years experience. Wendy’s background in theatre and radio made her natural for this industry. 

Wendy is on some of the greatest rosters in the country and continues to work nationally and internationally with such amazing clients as: Disney, Hasbro, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Verizon, Cold Stone Creamery, and Walmart. 

Wendy is an gem that has been hidden from the world way to long.

Amma Starr

Actor, Model

Romania & Dallas, TX.

Amma Starr MINI BIO COMMING SOON is a pr

Full Biography

Actor Resume 


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AMMA IMDb-06_.jpg

Apollo Antt


Nashville,  USA

Apollo Antt Discovered in the heart of Nashville, Music City, Tennessee.  Born with music in his soul.  This phoenix rises time and time again to Rock the World.



Musician, Model

Los Angeles, USA

WaWa BABY is collision of a cupcake speakeasy Jazz that got stuck in a shot of backyard rave. She is like Billie Holiday meets Kid Rock.

waters1 (1).jpg

DJ Darena


Los Angeles, USA

DJ Darena is a Producer, and Disk Jockey and is one of first female DJ's who played and performed on numerous Red Carpet events (music and movie festivals/premiers, fashion shows, and charity events) in Hollywood, USA.


Lindsey Loon

Musician, Actor Comedian

Los Angeles, USA

Lindsey Loon is an elegant, creative, charismatic, musically energetic, and eclectic vibrant pop artist with a Jew-Billy flair. Her father’s heritage is Southern Hillbilly and her mother’s heritage is Jewish making her an official Jew-Billy.

Avalon02 copy.png

Avalon Omega

Musician, Actor

Los Angeles,  USA

(The Atwater Avatar)

Avalon Omega  Tiny, yet tremendous, this youthful electro-groove thrill brat AVALON OMEGA, is a dramatically self-possessed Atwater avatar & artist. 


Lydia Manson

Actor, Musician

Albany N.Y., USA

Lydia Manson is an American actress, model, singer, songwriter, and recording artist from Albany New York.  Although, she is new on the music scene, rock music has always had a place in her heart. 

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Actor Resume 

Lydia Manson 17 Bennie.jpg

Esau MkKnight


   Los Angeles, CA. USA

Esau McKnight  is a versital actor with a penchant for swordplay and a  marshal arts master all rolled up into one. He has done all types of acting & stand-in work, from low budget to major A-listers budgets. With such day players roles as co star, and  body double. Esau has also done stunts and fight scenes.

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