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Glenda Benevides

Musician, Actor


 Glenda Benevides,  spent most of her life with male band members and she always says she was raised by wolves!  Yes, male wolves and she learned their protocol; how to think like a man, shuck gear like a man, tell and listen to stories about other women like a man, burp like a man and most of all follow “the code”. She was “in the club” so nothing ever applied to her until one day she realized she was in fact a WOMAN! But, most of all she is an evolving human and spiritual being that has an opportunity to create and be visionary. She went on playing her music, sharing to the depths of her soul and standing for love and transformation on our planet! She is committed to stand empowered, take responsibility, communicate artistically, and be mindful in who she is being.  She has the freedom to express her heart in music, words and actions in full self-expression, keeps an open mind - less to judge - sharing – and there to deliver a focused message.


Glenda loves to travel and experience life deeply, fully, and take it in and share it with others though conversations, music, stage and most of all her being. She loves to make a difference in all that she does and all that she is.  She has rewritten “the code”; All there is… is to LOVE and SERVE! To BE.. DO then HAVE!


John Marcus of Smooth Soul Radio says, “She appears to be a bad-ass. The hair. The features. But, you know the old saying: Good looks and a ham sandwich is worth the sandwich. But, I also sensed a strong personality. I was going to say attitude, but I like personality much better. She looks like somebody you could just walk right up to and say, “Who’s your favorite character on Game of Thrones?”. She might laugh. She might say, “Sure as hell isn’t John Snow”. I don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t give a fish-stick about GOT. But, I think she’d engage you, and the exchange would illicit a smile that could linger for days.


That’s what I think… The voice. So strong and primal, but not excessively so. Just primal enough to make you come out of your comfort zone. She is a badass, and I’m glad I called her out. She backed it up with some quality music, and that is what I’m all about. Besides, we need all the bad asses we can get, b/c they’re equipped to challenge us to see the obvious and become truly.. “woke” (the double-u word). It’s not a jazz song. Not a soul song, but a song that will make you consider the concept of getting more out of each day. And, that type of stuff (not my original word right there) is generally smooth for the soul. Full circle.”

Love every day. Love every moment.
If only we could all be so bad.
John Marcus

Smooth Soul Radio

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”

— CoCo Chanel

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