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Lindsey Loon

Musician, Actor
& Comedian


This gifted performer is gaining a growing reputation as a alternative pop-rock jazz singer. Lindsey Loon's songwriting technique is original, unforgettable and power driven. Her voice reflects a feel-good soothing style. LINDSEY LOON's music has been compared to Norah Jones, AnJulie, Bonnie Raitt and Diana Paton.

Born in Boston Massachusetts but in the true sense of the word she is a world traveler. LINDSEY LOON has lived in Texas, Australia, and Japan and now lives in the hip studio area of Burbank in Los Angeles. She has a real Texas flair and Tex-Mex soul. Lindsey was also in a JPop band in Japan. In Melbourne, she performed an opera techno fusion piece at the iconic Melbourne hot spot Eurotrash. 

LINDSEY LOON sang in the group “Magevet, a Yale University singing group. LINDSEY LOON was also a top 10 finalist in the Lowes/AMC jingle singing competition. She has performed at the Midura Jazz Festival as well as numerous clubs and venues throughout the world. LINDSEY LOON is also an up and coming comic and actress who runs a international film festival.

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