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Lydia Manson

Musician, Actor

LYDIA MANSON has been singing all her life. Music is her passion, haven and her safe place.

LYDIA MANSON is an icon in the independent horror film world. She has starred in or appeared in such horror films as “THE DARK OFFICE,” “STZ,” “THE HOUSE THAT EATS FLESH” and the anticipated “PASSAGES OF NEXUS.” She is well known in the international horror film genre. 

MANSON’s sound, mixes the elements of modern indie and alternative rock like “Hole”, “L7” and “the Lunachicks” that collide with “Korn” and  “Metallica.” Lydia is off with a new band, sounding better than ever. LYDIA is dark, gothic and at the same time therapeutic. MANSON’s eyes are haunting and tell a deep story depicted through her music, poetry and pictures. 

LYDIA MANSON is like a gothic, alternative Marilyn Monroe. She is building an empire on her image, which is also a refection of her soul and her music. Her musical influences are “FLYLEAF”, “PARAMORE”, “EVANSENSE”, “HALSEY” and “ALICE IN CHAINS”.  LYDIA MANSON is a voice to be reckoned with. LYDIA MANSON is the new voice of the future generation. 

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