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Sirian Dweller




Sirian Dweller 

Lucia Zimanova professionally known as SIRIAN DWELLER is a Singer, Songwriter and Actress originally from Slovak Republic in Europe, now based in London, UK.


When she was 8 years old she started attending a local theatre it was her first experience of being around those with similar dreams and interests. Growing up she was very shy, her childhood was not ideal and she often channeled every day life into art.


SIRIAN DWELLER relocated to London at 20 years old where she started acting with different forms of art such as dance. In fact she trained at London’s most protégé’s belly dance schools for 3 years. 


October 2020 was a very significant time and turning point for SIRIAN DWELLER, when she stepped into music industry something that was completely new to her.

She was in a search for her voice and her very own style all of her own.


SIRIAN DWELLER: "It's been incredibly frustrating and beautiful at the same time”.


SIRIAN DWELLER is a very positive, cool, funky vibes kind of artist. She is actively working on & perfecting her brand but she lets everything flow and come to her on her own terms.



SIRIAN DWELLER is 50% introvert & 50% extrovert, an observer, listener but also talker and a walker. She wouldn't want to be anyone else. Solitude is something she loves, a complete serenity where lots of her ideas happen, ideas for songs, lyrics, melodies appear. It's an affair between her, the Universe and life force energies.



"The way I see art, any art, and to become a 100% of a true artist, it has to be an ongoing inner & outer work within your soul, keeping creativity flowing naturally and at the same time checking in with one's EGO on daily basis - it's an inner work – a step a lot of artists skip"


SIRIAN DWELLER style is quite a mixture/ fusions of different genres such 'Funk/Jazz, Electronic, Dance, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop' etc. 'unpredictable' in her music.


SIRIAN DWELLER latest release is called 'ANGELS IN THE SKY'- She wanted  to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and everyone who belongs in it or supports it.

SIRIAN DWELLER is a part of LGBTQ+ community herself and as 'aroace' woman,


Mini Bio written by manager/agent Bobby Leigh.



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Mini Bio written by manager/agent Bobby Leigh.

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