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Daiane Azura



Daiane Azura emerges as a luminous talent from the vibrant city of Porto Alegre,
Brazil, where her artistic journey began as a mesmerizing blend of enigmatic acting, captivating vocals, and striking modeling. From her humble beginning as an extra in Barry Sonnenfeld's "Big Trouble", Daiane's trajectory soared to commanding lead roles, earning her the esteemed title of ‘Scream Queen of the

Stepping into the immersive realm of cinema, Daiane's presence resonated in the futuristic landscapes of "HellBoy 3", where her voice transcended dimensions in the realms of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Adventure, and Action. A defining moment in her career unfolded in 2006 with D.W. Kann's Netflix epic "Prison of the Psychotic
Damned," where her hauntingly evocative song, "Innocence Lost," weaved a spellbinding narrative that etched her name as a rising star in the industry. Beyond the silver screen, Daiane's artistic tapestry extends to the pulsating beats of music and the ethereal confines of modeling, where she weaves tales of
intrigue and allure. From the pulsating rhythms of her early music videos with the band "WET" to her solo odyssey as "Demona Bast" and "Pandora Black", Daiane's sonic journey captivates hearts and minds with its haunting melodies. Her recent venture into electronic soundscapes as a solo artist in 2019 further solidifies her position as a dynamic force in the musical landscape.

Daiane Azura's cinematic voyage is a kaleidoscope of roles that range from the haunting depths of "House of Pain" to the futuristic odyssey of "NEMESIS 5: The New Model", the chilling echoes of "Prison of the Psychotic Damned: Terminal Remix", and the macabre whispers of "Dead Ink". Her melodic reverie transcends
screens, resonating on musical platforms like JAM Session, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Roku TV, enchanting listeners with her ethereal voice.

Fueled by an unyielding passion to entertain and an innate ability to embody any character with depth and conviction, Daiane Azura stands poised to illuminate the stage with her boundless talent and deliver unforgettable performances that linger in the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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Mini Bio written by manager/agent Bobby Leigh.

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