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Tulip G.

Musician, Actress

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Tulip G. comes from a musical family. Her Mum is a trained Hindustani classical singer. Tulip is a voice to be reconciled with.     


Tulip has a passion for life and for music. Tulip G. is the winner of the global international television and Internet show “International Indian Icon” in Chicago, where out performed a plethora of international musical artists. Tulip G. views her success’s with her performance’s at Madison Square Garden, Baltimore Convention Center, and Atlantic City Convention Centre as the starlight to her successes’.  


Tulip is multilingual and speaks and sings fluent English, Hindi, and Bengali. Her talent has earned her recognition at several prestigious competitions, including the American Protege’s “We Sing pop”, and the 3iii “International Indian Icon”. 


Tulip has won multiple awards at the Mid-Atlantic Music Artists Guild and the North Eastern Music Association for categories such as Pop, Jazz, and Musical Theatre.  


Tulip has performed on the renowned Carnegie Central Hall stage in New York City on “We Sing Pop”.  Additionally, she has participated with world-renowned singers, dancers’ and directors in the fields of singing, dancing, and acting. This is a musical artist of the future. Her star is shining bright and will light up an ever so dark world. 

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